What's in the box?

Find out about the latest insights and analytics Triscribe offers

We think our analytics provide the best information available about usage of medicines in NHS hospitals. Triscribe analytics are built to provide frontline clinicians with the information they need to support antibiotic stewardship, help with medication safety and much more.

So what do we mean by analytics:

  • Analytics turn data into information
  • Triscribe provides charts, graphs¬† and tables which show patterns and trends in the use of medicines in your hospital.
  • Analytics can also be used to identify exceptions and errors. For example missed doses.
  • Triscribe covers both past usage and some elements of predictive analytics - information about usage of medicines in the future.
  • Our analytics allow you to drill down and analyse by date, medicine, ward and more to find the exact information you need.

We release new analytics and new features all the time. You can see an up to date summary of all our analytics here - What's in the box.

Or download our three page guide to the features in Triscribe charts...

Or you can browse our Triscribe - Product Guides channel to see videos of our software in action

To find out how we can help your hospital or to tell us about clinical needs where you would like us to develop analytics, drop us a line - info@triscribe.net