Better medicines data for frontline clinicians in hospitals

Using data you already have to make life easier for you and your team

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Triscribe provides a complete view of medicines usage to make life easier for frontline in hospitals. We do this by providing analytics and AI based on actual medicines given to real patients - no-one else does this.

Our aim is to save every user in every hospital at least one hour every week, that is more than a whole working week every year. We need your help to achieve this. If you have a few minutes, please take one of our ultra quick feedback surveys:

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Triscribe Using bed days and admissions data - How can we use bed occupancy and admissions to support your work

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We like to keep things simple at Triscribe. This website is for information and we support it with Notion pages that keep you informed of our latest developments. We invest our design and coding skills in our product not our website.