Help optimise antimicrobial usage

Congratulations to the team at UHS on being shortlisted for an Antibiotic Guardian award in the prescribing & stewardship category. We are proud to have made a a small contribution to this project. Learn more by watching the brilliant Jackie Swabe in the two minute video opposite. Good luck on 26 November.

Triscribe built analytics for antibiotic usage in partnership with with UHS and the Health Foundation.  We were delighted to see that the team at UHS have been nominated for an antibiotic guardian award in the prescribing and stewardship category this year. The antimicrobial pharmacy, prescribing safety and Informatics teams have done a fantastic job.
Laptop showing triscribe demo Antibitoic DOT analysis 1020

Tackling the AMR Backlog

COVID-19 is the greatest challenge facing the NHS today. When it is beaten, recovery will present a long series of complex challenges. Antibiotic usage is growing during the crisis. Setting back years of hard earned progress in antimicrobial resistance strategies.

Our high level data suggest that at the peak in April/ May hospital admissions dropped by 60%. Antimicrobial usage was down only more in our blog

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